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Style Guide


When you are selecting your glasses it’s important to consider your lifestyle... are you an adrenalin junkie or a bookworm? If you are sporty or active you may wish to consider more robust frames & polycarbonate lenses which are very tough and less prone to damage, they’re virtually bulletproof! If you have to maintain a professional image at work you’ll need something smart that isn’t overstated.

Most people wear different hats in their lives so multiple pairs will help you cater for this… i.e. you could be a librarian by day and a nightclub DJ at night both requiring different looks.

It’s also important to consider your personality. For example if you are dramatic you may wish to choose bright or heavy looking ornate frames. If you are reserved you may wish to choose frames with a more subtle design in a shade which compliments your colouring.

Your glasses don’t just perform a function; they are also a fashion accessory. Think of them as another piece of jewellery which should compliment everything else. Avoid mixing gold with silver and consider that there are many different finishes e.g. shiny gold is very different to antique dull gold.

Opt for neat earrings if you wear bold glasses so they are not competing with each other. For a bold look match the colour or your earrings to your frames.

Whatever your unique style, Eyewear Heaven boasts a diverse range of eyewear. Its all here at just a click of a mouse!