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Style Guide

Make Up

Planning make-up around your eyewear isn’t easy, but it’s certainly possible. You just need to make sure you are wearing the right eye make-up shades in relation to the style and colour of your frames.

Remember that less is more. You might be tempted to apply more makeup to compensate for the fact that your eyes are "covered" by frames but do keep in mind that glasses can emphasize everything from too much make-up to the tiniest of smudges. Be sure to be light-handed on the application. It's all about balance.

Prescription lenses can sometimes make your eyes appear bigger or smaller. Use these make-up tips to help minimise any distortion caused by your lenses.

Your eyebrows frame your eyes when you wear glasses, so keep them well groomed. With short sight your eyes may appear smaller so apply bold eye make-up to emphasise them. Use lighter colours or white pencil on the inner corners blending into deeper darker shades at the outer corners to add emphasis and make your eyes look bigger. For extra emphasis you can add a bit of matte or satin shadow or powder. Use dark or lash building mascara and a light foundation with a hint of chocolate works well for highlighting. Nude or natural colours can be used to create a size illusion.

With long sight your eyes may appear magnified. Apply make-up sparingly and blend colours carefully. Use concealer or a slightly lighter foundation under the eyes. Under-eye circles are more noticeable beneath glasses, so good concealer is a must. Dark mascara gives definition, but avoid harsh eyeliners or thick mascara - blobs and smudges will magnify too!

Uber retro Wayfarer

If you're wearing a strong frame, consider wearing neutral eye shades with a vibrant lip color for balance.

Classic light Supra

If your frames are rimless or supra, you can go with a little more make-up. Go for distinctly bright eye shadows with fresh nude lips.

Big bold rectangular

If you're wearing rectangular frames push the boundary with dangerously strong eye shades and coloured lips. Remember to curl your lashes.

Statement shapes

Feline cat-eyes and other dynamic shapes require the less is more approach. Go for neutral lined eyes with a strong lips colour for balance.